Alan Gross release from Cuba

        So I'm holding the thing, and I'm just about to take a bite, or a nibble, with my fang, when a--one of the flight attendants came and said, "Mr. Gross?" "Yes." "There's a call for you." I thought, who's calling me on Air Force One? "It's the President." "The President?" So I look at the sandwich, and I look at the flight attendant, and I looked back at the sandwich. Oh, all right. I put the sandwich down and I take the phone. "Hi, Mr. President. This is Alan Gross." "Oh, hello, Alan. This is Barack Obama." "Oh, Mr. President, how are you?" "I'm fine, Alan. How are you?" "Well, I was just about to eat a corned beef sandwich." And he says, immediately, "Oh, I thought I heard a little mustard on your lip."

                                                                                                                       - Alan Gross, former USAID contractor imprisoned for 5 years in Cuba.